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The Artists in the Black (AITB) program at the Arts Law Centre of Australia has created a series of comics to address legal issues that relate to Indigenous artists and communities. You can view the comics online or download a PDF to print.

The comics help educate you about your rights to moral, intellectual property and copyright ownership of your artwork and contracts you might have with other parties.

Note: Please be patient when downloading the PDFs for print as they are quite large in size.



    A contract is an exchange of promises ("something for something") that is legally enforceable. Contracts can also be called "agreements".


    This comic provides information about what to do when someone infringes your copyright.

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    Moral Rights

    This comic provides information about how your moral rights might be infringed and what to do about it.

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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this web site may contain images of deceased people.