Where there is a will

If a person passes away after making a will, it is much easier for the family to manage any money and other assets owned by that person.  The process of reading the will and carrying out the person's instructions as to how any money and other assets (such as copyright and resale royalty) are to be shared among the person's family is called 'probate'.

Arts Law is developing a guide for families of deceased artists explaining the steps involved where there is a will. The rules are different in each state of Australia. In most cases, you should choose the kit for the State or Territory in which the artist usually lived before he or she passed away. If you are not sure, contact Arts Law for advice as to which kit is the right kit for your situation.

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia (not yet available)
  • Northern Territory
  • New South Wales (not yet available)
  • Victoria
  • South Australia (not yet available)
  • Australian Capital Territory (not yet available)
  • Tasmania (not yet available)