Aboriginal Artists Agency Limited

The Aboriginal Artists Agency is a non-for profit organisation that operates a service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to create income from the reproduction of works of art. It arranges copyright clearance and licences for individuals wishing to use images of Indigenous artworks.

Art Source (WA)

Art Source is an organisation which helps visual artists and crafts practitioners.

Arts Law Centre of Australia

The Arts Law Centre of Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, is the national community legal centre for the arts. It provides legal advice and information on a wide range of arts related legal and business matters including contracts, copyright, business structures, defamation, insurance, employment and taxation to artists and arts organisations across all art forms.

The Arts Law Centre of Australia has a specialised Indigenous service, Artists in the Black. Artists in the Black aims to increase access to advice and information about the legal rights of Indigenous artists and organisations in a culturally appropriate way thanks to the help of Indigenous staff.


ArtsCareer is an online professional development hub for artists and educators to access up-to-date career development information from around Australia. ArtsCareer provides resources for artists and educators from all disciplines, including dance, music, visual arts, theatre, writing and inter-arts. Click on an art form category in the left hand menu to get started. The website has been developed by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) in partnership with the arts and educational peak organisations across the country.

Artworkers (Qld)

Artworkers supports the people working in the visual art, craft and design industries in Queensland.

Attorney-General’s Department

The Attorney-General’s Department website provides some introductory information to copyright and intellectual property.


Ausdance is the national organization for dancers. It provides advocacy for dance, the Ausdance Aon Insurance Scheme, Safe Dance research, dance industry journals and publications, workshops and forums, networking and dance resources.

Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN)

AMIN in representing its member, the state and territory music industry associations creates a wide network that provides a national platform for the representation and the delivery of projects for the benefit of the contemporary music industry in Australia.

Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap)

Amrap is a community radio initiative to get national airplay of Australian music. It offers services for signed and unsigned Australian artists, record labels and all community radio stations. It also offers Airit, an initiative for unsigned Indigenous musicians.

Australian Performing Right Association (APRA)

APRA administers the public performance and communication rights for musical compositions and lyrics on behalf of authors, composers, music publishers and other music copyright owners.

Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA)

ARIA is a national recording industry association representing the interests of its members, ranging from small “boutique” labels to medium size organisations and very large companies with international affiliates.

Australian Screen Director’s Guild Authorship Collecting Society

The ASDACS collects, administers and distributes the royalties owed to Australian and New Zealand film and television directors, arising from “secondary” use (blank video tapes, retransmission of broadcasts by cable and video rental for film and television) of rights, conferred on directors in countries, mostly European, that recognise the authorship of directors.

Australian Society of Authors (ASA)

The Australian Society of Authors is the peak professional association for Australia’s literary creators. Their website provides a guide to minimum hourly rates and conditions for book illustrators.

Australian Writers Guild (AWG)

The Australian Writer's Guild (AWG) is the professional association for Australian performance writers including film, television, theatre, film and radio. The AWG provides members who work in these areas with information on minimum hourly rates.

The Australian Writers Guild Authorship Collecting Society (AWGACS) for screen producers was established by the AWG to collect international royalties for the broadcasting or screening of the works of its Australian and New Zealand members, who are Australian and New Zealand performance writers.

Black Book

The Black Book Directory includes more than 2,700 listings of Indigenous organisations and individuals working across 95 professions in the arts, media and cultural industries.

The Black Book Library is constantly evolving to include new artistic works by Indigenous people. It currently contains 2,000 works from the late 1890s until now.


A site containing up-to-date information about Australian Indigenous music.


The National Film and Sound Archive’s Black Screen program provides Indigenous communities and the broader Australian public with access to Indigenous films.

Board Organisations-Building Effective Boards

BoardConnect, a resource for the boards of non-profit organisations, has been operating in Queensland, largely with arts and cultural organisations, since August 2008.  It was an initiative of consulting firm, Positive Solutions and received initial financial support from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.  In June 2011, it  won a contract with Arts Queensland to continue to provide these services for a further two years. 

BoardConnect is now an independent non-profit entity and is extending its services beyond Queensland and beyond the arts into the broader non-profit sector.

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA)

CAAMA was founded in 1980 to expose Aboriginal music and culture to the rest of Australia from its Alice Springs media centre. CAAMA plays a major role in the maintenance of Indigenous languages and culture by the use of radio and television.

Classifications website

Provides information about the classifications system and how to apply for a classification.

Combined Legal Community Centres Group (NSW)

Community Legal Centres NSW Inc. (CLCNSW) is the peak body for CLCs in NSW. Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independent community organisations providing equitable and accessible legal services. NSW CLCs work for the public interest, particularly for disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities.

Community Legal Centres (CLCs)

There is a large network of community legal centres (CLCs) throughout Australia. Some CLCs will assist in the preparation of wills. The National Association of CLC's has a directory which gives information about the sort of work each CLC does.

Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW)

A community legal centre specialising in financial services, particularly matters and policy issues related to consumer credit, banking and debt recovery. It provides free telephone legal advice to NSW consumers on credit, debt and banking matters.

Contemporary Music Services Tasmania (CMST)

CMST provides services, forums and facilities to support the development of the Tasmanian contemporary music. Musicians and music industry workers who become members of CMST have access to a wide range of opportunities across Tasmania

Copyright Agency Limited (CAL)

CAL manages the copyright of authors, journalists, visual artists, surveyors, photographers and newspaper, magazine and book publishers to license the copying of their works to the general community.

Council of Social Service of New South Wales (NCOSS)

NCOSS provides independent and informed policy development, advice and review and plays a key coordination and leadership role for the non government social and community services sector in New South Wales.

Craft ACT

Craft ACT’s Craft and Design Centre provides a unique service to craft and design practitioners and audiences in Canberra and the region. Craft ACT has been delivering quality cultural programs and recognises the ongoing need of Canberra craft and design artists to have access to: a professional exhibition program; professional development opportunities; promotion and commercial services and; advocacy on behalf of the sector.

Craft Australia

Craft Australia is the peak national advocacy organisation for Australian contemporary craft and design. It actively promotes and provides access to Australian contemporary practice through advocacy, communication and research.

Craft Victoria

Craft Victoria fosters creativity, experimentation and professionalism in contemporary craft and design. The organisation enhances awareness of Australian craft and design at state, national and international levels. As a membership based organisation, Craft Victoria provides support for established and emerging practitioners through professional development and promotional services.


Craftsouth develops and promotes South Australian craft, design and visual art, with particular emphasis on the professional practitioner.

Design Institute of Australia

The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia's professional membership body for designers and design businesses. The DIA provides members with information on fee and salary conditions in the design sector.

Dream Shield by IP Australia

IP Australia’s new resource, the Dream Shield project, features intellectual property (IP) success stories and tips for Indigenous inventors, designers and business owners. The Dream Shield project shows real examples of how to protect and grow your IP.

Film Victoria- Location Gallery

The aim of Film Victoria’s Locations Gallery Indigenous Map is to easily coordinate a consultative process between filmmakers and Victorian Indigenous groups. This map enables filmmakers to easily identify and contact specific Aboriginal groups to facilitate discussion surrounding areas of cultural sensitivity.


FORM is an independent, not for profit organisation dedicated to advocating for and developing creativity in Western Australia. Form has a specific Indigenous program.

Indigenous Art Code Limited

Indigenous Art Code Limited is a public company established by the Australian Government to administer the Indigenous Art Commercial Code of Conduct (IACCC).

Indigenous Remote Communications Australia (IRCA)

IRCA is the peak body and resource agency for Remote Indigenous Media Organisations (RMIO’s), which in turn represents over one hundred fifty remote and very remote communities that broadcast television and radio Australia-wide.

IP Australia

IP Australia is the federal government agency that grants rights in patents, designs and trademarks.

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

The Alliance is the union and professional organisation which covers everyone in the media, entertainment, sports and arts industries. There are over 36,000 members which include people working in TV, radio, theatre & film, entertainment venues, recreation grounds, journalists, actors, dancers, sportspeople, cartoonists, photographers, orchestral & opera performers as well as people working in public relations, advertising, book publishing & website production. MEAA can provide information to members about minimum standard hourly rates.

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV)

MAV is a not for profit organisation promoting cultural diversity in the arts. MAV offers opportunities and support structures to artists and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Music NSW

Music NSW is a not profit association which aim is to represent, promote and develop the contemporary music industry in New South Wales.

Music NT

Music NT represents and develops the NT music industry. It offers to its members support in form of office access (computer, photocopier, telephone, directories), advice on touring, recording, promotion, performance opportunities and access to a wide range of resources.

Music Rights Australia

Music Rights Australia is an organisation that protects the creative interests of artists within the Australian music community through educational initiatives, government lobbying and the protection of artists’ copyrights.

Music Victoria

Music Victoria supports the growth, participation and development of the Victorian contemporary music industry. In all its activities, it aims to add value to music makers.

NSW Office of Fair Trading

NSW Fair Trading administers fair trading laws and looks after the rights of consumers. At the same time, NSW Fair Trading advises businesses and traders on fair and ethical practices. Free publications are available on their website providing information for consumers and traders of NSW.

Object (NSW)

Object is one of Australia’s leading centres for craft and design. Object hosts exhibitions, runs educational activities and creates design publications.

Office of Industrial Relations

Free publications to help employees and employers understand their rights and obligations under NSW industrial legislation. Has information about registering as an agent.

Q Music

Q Music develops and represents all sectors of Queensland music industry. Q Music provides a wide range of services to artists and other music professionals such as workshops, resources, assistance and advice services, careers support.

Queensland Law Society

Information and resources to assist people from Queensland in their legal needs, such as databases of lawyers and legal organisations, legal information and pro bono legal assistance.

Screen Australia
Screen Australia

Screen Australia is the key federal Government direct funding body for the Australian screen production industry. Its functions are to support and promote the development of a highly creative, innovative and commercially sustainable Australian screen production industry.

Screen NSW

Screen NSW aims to stimulate creative and business opportunities in the screen industry. Screen NSW has a leadership role in promoting partnerships across the sector and providing "more than money" in connecting individuals and organisations, providing information through regular industry events, and supporting a vibrant and informed screen community.

Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA)

SPAA is the industry body that represents Australian independent film and television producers on all issues affecting the business and creative aspects of screen production. SPAA members include television, feature film, animation, documentary, TV commercial and interactive media production companies as well as services and facilities providers such as post-production, finance, distribution and legal companies.


Screenrights is a rights management and royalty collection service for rights holders in film and television. It administers statutory licences that allow educational institutions (school, TAFE or university) and governments to copy material from radio and television.


ScreenWest is Western Australia's screen funding and development agency, committed to working in partnership with the screen industry to develop, support and promote film, television and digital media production in Western Australia.

Small Business Tool kit

The University of Western Sydney has developed The Small Business Tool Kit that is full of useful information for people starting a business. The Small Business Tool Kit is a valuable resource to find information and interactive tools you need to start, run and grow your business. You can register for free to create a profile, build business planning documents and track your progress.


Songlines is an Indigenous music corporation which aim is to preserve and promote Aboriginal music. It proposes different services and facilities to Indigenous musicians such as performance opportunities, professional support and recording studio.

Terri Janke and Company

Terri Janke is a leading international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Terri Janke and Company's website links to useful publications.

The Push

The Push is a youth entertainment organisation. It provides information and support to young people in Victoria who wish to stage alcohol and drug free entertainment or to develop a career in the music industry. The Push has strong associations in the music industry.

UMI Arts

UMI Arts is the peak Indigenous arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. Its mission is to operate an Indigenous organisation that assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate in the maintenance, preservation and protection of cultural identity.

WIPO’s Traditional Knowledge section

WIPO has a Traditional Knowledge section which has been working on a range of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Programs including:

Word of Life International

Word of Life International acts as an agent of owners of copyright liturgical music to provide copyright licences, collect royalties and otherwise facilitate the availability and use of religious music by churches, schools, and other religious organisations in the South Pacific basin.