Customised Workshops

Knowledge is power: about our education program

Arts Law runs tailored seminars or workshops for tertiary education institutions, councils and arts organisations to help their artists understand more about their rights. We have been doing this for over 30 years and last year delivered 100 sessions nationally to 2381 artists or arts organisation workers. We believe that knowledge is power and the more artists know about their rights, the closer they get to protecting themselves in business and creating a sustainable arts practice.

How do we do it?

Arts Law can come to you and deliver the education face to face as a series of workshops, an intensive day covering a number of topics or a single session. We can also deliver a session online. It all depends on the needs of your local artists, how many topics you’d like covered and your budget. 

Some session ideas:

We’re open to working with you to create education that meets the needs of your artists. Here are some ideas:

  • A session series running over a few weeks on all the essentials plus sector specific talks;
  • A two day series on copyright, contracts, and setting up and running an arts organisation; or
  • An introductory copyright law workshop for artists with some practical tips on dealing with copyright

How to do it:

Contact Arts Law on 02 9356 2566 or email to talk to us about running a workshop for yourself or your organisation.

What they say:

“I was attending the event to gain specific knowledge on areas of copyright law and moral right law. I was very happy to leave the session with a basic understanding of such law, and my specific queries were answered! A+++” – participant at Cassowary Council seminars in September 2014

“It was a great overview of contracts and I learned about so many issues which I hadn't been exposed to before which will help me prepare for future projects. I loved it. Thank you so much” – participant at Marrickville Council Artists’ Rights 6 week series March 2014

“I liked the clear presentation format. The presenter was approachable and answered questions clearly.” - participant at Gorman Art Centre workshops, ACT, June 2014

”Building Stronger Organisations” seminar, Melbourne, October 2014

”Building Stronger Organisations” seminar, Melbourne, October 2014

“Artists’ Rights” seminar, Deniliquin, NSW, March 2014

“Wills workshop”, Hermansburg Potters, September 2014