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Public Art - Design and Commissioning

Public art commissions create exciting opportunities for artists, allow Australians to enjoy aesthetically beautiful environments, and stimulate community engagement with the arts. Learn how to get the most benefit to yourself as an artist, your council and your community.

Protecting your designs

Information sheet outlining how you can protect your designs under the copyright regime and the design regime.

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Indigenous Artwork Reproduction Licence for fabric

Developed as part of Arts Law’s Black Fashion Project (with thanks to Arts Queensland), this sample agreement can be used where an Indigenous artwork is reproduced onto fabric. See also the Indigenous Collaboration Agreement – Fashion and Furnishings.

Indigenous Collaboration Agreement – Fashion and Furnishings

This sample INDIGENOUS COLLABORATION AGREEMENT should be used when a designer in the fashion, textile or home furnishing industry, or a business that is involved in the production of articles for the fashion and furnishing industries (the Designer) wishes to work together with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island visual…

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Copyright Licensing Agreement

This sample Copyright Licensing Agreement should be used when a person who owns the copyright in creative content wishes to give permission to another person to use their content (whether a visual artwork, text, music, film or other content) in a particular way. This agreement is based on the assumption…

Image Reproduction Licence for Merchandise

This sample Image Reproduction Licence for Merchandise should be used when a visual artist agrees to licence an existing visual image (such as a painting, a print, a drawing, a photograph or a still multimedia image) for multiple reproduction (such as on greeting cards, posters, t-shirts or a CD-ROM or…

Debt recovery - Letter of Demand

If you are owed money and it hasn't been paid, the first step is to send a letter of demand. This is a template which you can adapt. It is free for Arts Law for subscribers.

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A contract is an exchange of promises ("something for something") that is legally enforceable. Contracts can also be called "agreements".


This comic provides information about what to do when someone infringes your copyright.

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Sponsorship agreements guide

Corporate sponsorship is assuming an increasingly important role in the arts. This guide outlines the different forms of sponsorship that an artist or arts organisation may need to seek from a commercial organisation and what should be included in a sponsorship agreement.

Business partnership checklist

This resource includes information on partnerships, including key issues to be considered within a partnership agreement, and a checklist for business partnerships.

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Copyright for designers - why do they miss out?
30th April 2014

In the January/February edition of the Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin, Arts Law solicitor, Anika Valenti, and Arts Law intern, Tom Häkkinen, discuss the need for review of the designs system in light of the international trend towards joint protection under both the copyright and design law and

Read The Fine Print
24th December 2010

It started with a phone call from an annoyed artist to her representative body, the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). She had just entered work in a competition but on reading the small print guidelines she had stumbled on what she felt was a breach of ethics.

Arts Law in the Kimberley: a facebook story
21st December 2011

Arts Law's facebook page already has 466 fans and is a source of current news on legal and political issues affecting the Australian and international arts industries as well as keeping you up-to-date on new resources available from Arts Law.

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