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Copyright Collecting Societies

Collecting societies collect royalties on behalf of their members. Members are artists, authors, musicians and other owners of copyright in works (such as lyrics, visual art and literature) or other copyright material (such as sound recordings, films, and television broadcasts).

Social Media for Artists

The Internet provides artists with a platform to access a worldwide audience for their work. Social media, in particular, is a ready-made do-it-yourself mechanism for distributing, promoting, exhibiting and even selling creative content whether music, visual art, film, literature or other multi-platform art forms. This information sheet addresses the legal…

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR are processes to resolve disputes without going to court, including by mediation and expert determination. This information sheet discusses different types of ADR and how the Arts Law mediation service works.

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Cultural and Intellectual Property Policy for Indigenous Stories

This sample Cultural and Intellectual Property Policy for Indigenous Stories should be used by an Indigenous Art Centre as a best practice policy in relation to the recording or transcribing for any purpose of traditional stories told by members of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island language group.

Language Agreements and Protocol Guidelines Pack (FATSILC)

These sample language agreements and protocol guidelines are aimed at assisting Indigenous communities and their consultants (schools, linguists, anthropologists, ICT specialists) through the process of developing and using language materials at a local level.

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Volunteer Consent Form

It is very important to have an agreement in writing when engaging volunteers. This is due to the nature of the work and given it is an unpaid arrangement it ensures that the volunteer agrees to this. This template is in the form of a ‘deed’ rather than an ‘agreement’.…

Workshop Participation Deed

This sample WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION DEED should be used when a person takes part in a workshop in which they will create copyright material, for example by writing text, composing music, creating new dance movement or coming up with new lines for a play, and possibly performs the material created. The…

Debt recovery - Letter of Demand

If you are owed money and it hasn't been paid, the first step is to send a letter of demand. This is a template which you can adapt. It is free for Arts Law for subscribers.

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This comic provides information about what to do when someone infringes your copyright.

Moral Rights

This comic provides information about how your moral rights might be infringed and what to do about it.


A contract is an exchange of promises ("something for something") that is legally enforceable. Contracts can also be called "agreements".

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Sponsorship agreements guide

Corporate sponsorship is assuming an increasingly important role in the arts. This guide outlines the different forms of sponsorship that an artist or arts organisation may need to seek from a commercial organisation and what should be included in a sponsorship agreement.

Business partnership checklist

This resource includes information on partnerships, including key issues to be considered within a partnership agreement, and a checklist for business partnerships.

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Spotlight on Law Reform
31st March 2011

As part of our advocacy agenda this year Arts Law has researched, made submissions and contributed to the debate on the following topics: Inquiry into the Australian film & literature classification scheme; National Human Rights Action Plan for Australia; and Tasmania's proposed model for a Human Rights Charter.

Professor Sally Morgan: the importance of stories.
30th September 2004

Sally Morgan is one of Australia's best-known Aboriginal artists and writers.Her first book My Place, published in 1987, is recognised as being a milestone in Indigenous writing. My Place has now sold over half million copies and has been widely published internationally. In 2003 Arts Law was privileged to have…

Law Reform - Final Report into the National Classification Scheme Review
4th April 2012

In March 2011 the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) undertook a review of the national classification scheme, the first review of Australia's censorship and classification laws since 1991. After a year's work including extensive public consultation, the ALRC submitted its final report Classification – Content Regulation and Convergent Media (Final…

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Writing about Real People

In mid 2010, Arts Law was contacted by an author who written an autobiographical book about her experience as a victim of domestic abuse. She contacted Arts Law to obtain legal advice outlining the risks of breaching defamation laws due to her use of real life people and events in…

Susan Schmidt: What can you do if your artwork is used without your permission?

Susan Schmidt is a Queensland-based fine-arts painter, graphic designer and award-winning illustrator. Her works have featured in numerous exhibitions within Australia and overseas, including the Chelsea International Fine Art Collective in New York in 2012 and Contemporary Istanbul in 2014. Susan approached Arts Law in 2014 after she saw one…