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Performers’ Rights in Music (AITB)

Performers such as actors, conductors, singers and musicians have rights which are separate from the rights of the authors, filmmakers, composers and songwriters who create the works that are performed. In this information sheet, we discuss the rights of musical performers that recognise the creative connection between musicians and the…

Auspice Agreements

When a group of individuals (the Group) form to carry out a ‘one-off’ project (such as an exhibition, performance or show) they may not want to create a formal legal entity just for that project (such as an incorporated association, co-operative, company limited by shares or a company limited by…

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Cultural and Intellectual Property Policy for Festivals and Performances

This sample Cultural and Intellectual Property Policy for Festivals and Performances should be used by an Indigenous Art Centre as a best practice policy in relation to all festivals or performances involving traditional forms of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural traditional expression and knowledge which are hosted or staged…

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Contractor Performers Agreement

This sample agreement should be used when a performer is being contracted by someone else to perform in a production. If the performer is being engaged as an employee rather than a contractor, Arts Law's Employment Agreement for Performers is more appropriate. Clauses in Contract

Workshop Participation Deed

This sample WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION DEED should be used when a person takes part in a workshop in which they will create copyright material, for example by writing text, composing music, creating new dance movement or coming up with new lines for a play, and possibly performs the material created. The…

Employment Agreement for Performers

When a performer is employed on a full-time or part-time basis to perform in a dramatic or theatrical production, this sample Employment Agreement can be used. It could also be adapted for employment in other arts sectors but is not suitable for independent contractors. If the performer is being engaged…

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A contract is an exchange of promises ("something for something") that is legally enforceable. Contracts can also be called "agreements".


This comic provides information about what to do when someone infringes your copyright.

Moral Rights

This comic provides information about how your moral rights might be infringed and what to do about it.

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Sponsorship agreements guide

Corporate sponsorship is assuming an increasingly important role in the arts. This guide outlines the different forms of sponsorship that an artist or arts organisation may need to seek from a commercial organisation and what should be included in a sponsorship agreement.

Business partnership checklist

This resource includes information on partnerships, including key issues to be considered within a partnership agreement, and a checklist for business partnerships.

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Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan
19th July 2016

Arts Law's Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan details our commitment to achieving justice and recognition for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

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Charles Rolls: Making sense of copyright exceptions - fair dealing and education

Charles Rolls is a performance artist who has developed a school drug and alcohol awareness program for youth incorporating interactive performance and 3D brain scans. The program and performances utilise short clips from popular music videos and photographs of famous celebrities that Charles sources from the internet. He uses these…