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Telling people’s stories on film

Film makers sometimes choose to base their stories on real events and real people. Documentaries are one example of film makers telling the stories of real people.

Using brands and products in film

This information sheet covers the legal issues as well as the money-making opportunities that exist when placing products in films.

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Confidentiality Deed

This sample deed should be used in when a person enters into an agreement and requires confidential information to protect secrets, including ideas. You may purchase an editable copy below. A free, non-editable, agreement is available in the information sheet Confidential Information - Protecting your Ideas which further explains how…

Artist in Residence Agreement

This sample Artist in Residence Agreement should be used where an artist/writer/craftsperson has been granted permission to use a studio or other type of residency accommodation, whether live-in or not, and often pursuant to a funding grant. The artist is primarily left to his/her own means and

Artist and Gallery Agency Agreement

This sample Artist/Gallery Agency Agreement can be used when an artist wishes to enter into a long term relationship with a gallery where the Gallery acts as an agent for the exhibition, sale or promotion of the Artist’s artwork. The Artist must determine the extent to which the

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You talkin’ ‘bout me? Basing stories on people’s lives
30th June 2003

Arts Law regularly receives queries relating to people wanting either to write about a member of their family or community, or depict a person they know or don’t know in a film. The issue that arises is, how does the law regulate one person publishing a story about another