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Arts Law’s Artists in the Black program (AITB) endeavours to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, communities and arts organisations with access to our full range of services. Arts Law gives legal advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts organisations all over Australia on a wide range of arts-related legal and business issues. We give legal advice on a wide range of arts-related legal and business issues, including contracts, copyright, moral rights, trade marks, business names and structures, defamation, insurance and employment. In order to be fair to all artists who seek our services we operate on a queue system and take queries through our website. Submit your legal query and learn more about our legal advice services.


By subscribing through Artists in the Black you become a subscriber of Arts Law which gives you further access to advice and information on law and the arts and keeps you informed about legal issues affecting the arts in Australia. You can subscribe here.


If we are unable to offer you legal advice ourselves we can refer you to a private lawyer for assistance. We are also able to refer you to suitable accountants and insurers if that's what you need. To find out more click here.


Arts Law can arrange mediation to assist you in resolving your dispute with another party. To find out more click here.

Best Practice

In certain circumstances we may be able to advise arts organisations, local councils or other agencies who work with artists about making their artist contracts fairer. We call this 'Best Practice' advice. For more click here.


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For more information about eligibility and guidelines for our services, please click here.